So Cal Veterans Burial Program

The So Cal Veterans Burial Program works with Veteran groups all across S. California educating our Veterans about their Seven Significant Burial and Memorial Benefits doing Events, Seminars and Presentations

As a Veteran, you may qualify for Burial and memorial benefits at NO COST to your family.

Qualified veterans have earned seven significant Burial and Memorial Benefits.

What this means is that everything inside the gates of a National Cemetery is free for both the veteran and their spouse.

These free items include such things as :

1.Burial plot

2.Opening and closing of the plot,

3. Cement liner for the plot,

4.Headstone with all the proper engraving or Marker

5. A military honors ceremony,

6.United States Flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate.

7.Perpetual Care

Important Note: There are NO GOVERMENT - CONTRACTED mortuaries. This means the Veteran and their family are solely responsible for retaining and paying for the services of a private mortuary. These services can be arranged before death occurs AND are required before arrival and burial at an National Cemetery.

The So Cal Veterans Burial Program assists Veterans and Families in seven specific areas:

1. Obtains and files copies of the military discharge paperwork.

2. Obtains and files proof of marriage documentation for spouses.


3. Prepares Vital Statistic information necessary for the death certificate.

4. Issues an Emergency Identification Card.

5. Guides families toward veteran friendly mortuaries in their area.

6. Assists families in choosing a personalized funeral plan of their choice

7. Educates and assists families in funding options for their funeral choice.

Our program not only educates veterans about their free Burial and Memorial benefits through the VA, but we also answer questions for veterans and their families in regard to their choices for the best veteran friendly funeral homes, cremation and traditional burial options, personal ceremony decisions, and funeral funding options.

Since we work with a large number of funeral homes in California, we are also to guide veterans toward the best funeral home that will meet their needs. We show families how to save hundreds of dollars (and in some cases) thousands of dollars toward their funeral expenses.

By the time we complete our visit with the family, several things have taken place:

1. Burial or cremation costs are frozen and locked-in for life.

2. Necessary vital statistics for the death certificate are

recorded and later filed at the funeral home on their behalf.

3. A personal emergency ID card is issued with important

information about their Veteran status, and the funeral home

contact information that holds their personal file

4. The family receives invaluable peace of mind knowing that a

simple phone call at the time of death is all that is needed.

4.) info for the Peace of mind link 


The brother of a veteran called me yesterday. "My brother just passed away. His body is at the hospital. We would like to have him picked up and buried in the National Cemetery."

I expressed my condolences and then I gave him the bad news. National cemeteries do not pick up bodies or prepare them for services.


Neither the deceased brother nor any of the grieving family members had made any advance funeral plans for the ailing brother. On top of that, they had been misinformed about the Burial and Memorial Benefits he was eligible for through the VA.

Now the brother was faced with a heavy load of decisions and a tremendous financial burden. He will have to choose a mortuary from a long list of options - not knowing the incredible financial disparities among funeral firms. He will be required to find his brother's missing military discharge paperwork. He will be required to gather his brother's 'Vital Statistics' information. He will have to determine the final disposition for the body. He will be required to make fifty more emotional decisions at the worst possible time.

Even on a good day the check list is daunting.

Our program is designed to remove these heavy burdens from Veterans and family members - but only if you call us in advance of the need. It's called pre-planning. There is no fee for our consultation. We can help you make all of these decisions from the comfort of your house. Leave a message at